Below we give you an overview of our production facilities.
Due to the plant expansion in recent years, it has been possible to expand the machinery in operation to the present state. Furthermore, we have a well-equipped metalworking department with optimized workplaces.

Machinery in operation

CNC – Boring machine:

Rapid 1 NC 2.200mm x 1.300mm x 630mm

CNC – Milling machines:

Soraluce SORA 4 4.000mm x 1.000mm x 1.600mm
WHN 10NC 1.250mm x 1.250mm x 600mm
Maho MH1000 1.000mm x 560mm x 800mm
DECKEL FP-5A 600mm x 400mm x 400mm

CNC – Turning lathe/Carousel-type machine:

SARO – WEMATECH – Ø1000mm x 2000mm
Karussell MAZAK – Ø1450mm

Turning lathes:

Potisje Ø600mm x 3.000mm
Potisje Ø600mm x 1.500mm


Abus overhead crane 10m x 20to
Abus overhead crane 10m x 10to
Vulkan overhead crane 10m x 5to
Jungheinrich fork lift 4,5to

Welding procedures:

All established methods (MIG, MAG, WIG, Autogen)

Sand blast chamber:

4m x 4m x 8m

  • Efficient welding is a complex challenge. In order to be able to meet customer-specific requirements professionally, many years of experience, a good eye and expert knowledge of materials are required.

Cooperation treaties

For all areas of production which cannot be directly covered by our company a broad range of close-by co-operation partners are at our disposal (e.g. boring machine of larger dimensions, welded constructions, heat treatments like low stress annealing, nitriding, quenching and tempering, etc.).