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Machinery in operation

CNC - Boring machine:

CNC - Milling machines:

CNC - Turning lathe/Carousel-type machine:

Turning lathes:


Welding procedures:

sand blast chamber:


- Rapid 1 NC 2.200mm x 1.300mm x 630mm

- Soraluce SORA 4 4.000mm x 1.000mm x 1.600mm
- WHN 10NC 1.250mm x 1.250mm x 600mm
- Maho MH1000 1.000mm x 560mm x 800mm
- DECKEL FP-5A 600mm x 400mm x 400mm

- SARO - WEMATECH - Ø1000mm x 2000mm
- Karussell MAZAK - Ø1450mm

- Potisje Ø600mm x 3.000mm
- Potisje Ø600mm x 1.500mm

- Abus overhead crane 10m x 20to
- Vulkan overhead crane 10m x 5to
- Hyster fork lift 4,5to

All established methods (MIG, MAG, WIG, Autogen)

4m x 4m x 12m

EN 1090-1 EXC 1,2 and 3, EN ISO 3834-2

Cooperation treaties

For all areas of production which cannot be directly covered by our company a broad range of close-by co-operation partners are at our disposal (e.g. boring machine of larger dimensions, welded constructions, heat treatments like low stress annealing, nitriding, quenching and tempering, etc.).